Four People Were Arrested in Turkey for Smuggling 501 Bitcoin Miners

Turkish custom service arrested four people and seized 501 ASIC Bitcoin miners that were imported to the country illegally. Their total worth is around $600,000. The equipment was found in a warehouse in Izmir. 

Four suspects are currently under arrest. There is one more anti-smuggling operation that takes place in Istanbul. The future of the crypto industry in Turkey is very vague at the moment. As soon as two big crypto exchanges stopped working, the country’s government got severe on crypto exchanges, obliging them to verify their users and informing the state about big transactions.

Thodex that turned out to be an exit scam with 62 people arrested in this case that still goes on, shocked the entire crypto community. The other exchange, Vebitcoin, stopped working due to the state’s accusation and arrests of their employees. 

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