Fomo Lab and PVLACE Are Going to Drop an NFT Collection

A product of collaboration between Fomo Lab, PVLACE and GUNBOI will be called ‘For the Culture’. It will be launched on the NFT platform The Avenue that belongs to Fomo Lab. It will count 387 music pieces placed into the so-called mystery boxes. The collection is expected to open on May, 31 st.

PVLACE were the first to connect the hip hop culture with a crypto philosophy with their 3D avatars paired to music pieces. They were made by the acknowledged producers that worked for such celebrities as Young Thug. 

Each collectible will be sold for an even price of 2 BNBs. Although they actually may cost way more, the creators of the collection want it to be for the people, and their goals are to make it affordable for everyone rather than make a fortune from it. The music for each one is made by the prominent hip hop starts, this is why their actual value is very high.

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