Flare Network Compatible With EVM Will Be Launched in June

The launch of Flare mainnet is scheduled in June. The exact date can’t be determined yet, as the testing and other preparations to release still go on. However, the Flare team has already announced that the network will be compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and will enhance their scalability by processing their smart contracts.

The blockchain’s team managed to gather a strong community around their ecosystem. It was planned to be launched earlier but faced some technical issues in connecting the Metamask, and had to be delayed because of this. But now they are back on their roadmap and announce the offering of their tokens, FLR and DFLR. 

The giveaway of DFLR tokens will be supported by Bitrue exchange, and Sparkle NFT are going to use Flare Network for their business. Flare is already connected with XRP as they’ve created a special bridge last summer. 

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