Financial Advisors Recommend Investing In Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

More and more financial advisors recommend clients to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The change in attitudes towards cryptocurrency assets among consumers of financial advisory services is discussed in the report of the Financial Planning Association “2021 Investment Trend Survey“, published on June 1.

The survey was conducted in March among 529 professional financial investment advisors.

According to the survey, 14% of financial advisors have already added crypto assets to their clients’ portfolios.

26% percent of consultants indicated in the survey that they plan to expand their use/recommendation of cryptocurrencies over the next 12 months.

The survey showed that the interest in crypto investment has grown significantly. Last year, less than 1% of consultants recommended investing in cryptocurrencies.

In addition, 49% of financial professionals indicated that over the past six months, clients have asked them about investing in cryptocurrencies. And in 2020 it was only 17%.

From time to time, they read news about cryptocurrencies and less than half of financial advisors (48%) talk with some degree of confidence in them. And only a third of consultants are actively exploring digital assets.

The study also found that customers were less worried about market volatility this year compared to the past. 52% of financial advisors said that their clients have been interested in market volatility over the past half year. Last year this figure was 76%.

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