FBI Confiscated 3,879 BTC From a Cold Wallet

The FBI, while investigating the theft of funds from Sony Group Corporation, identified stolen money in cryptocurrency on a cold wallet and seized it.

According to the US Department of Justice, the money found by the special services was stolen by one of the former employees of the Sony Group Corporation branch. At that time, the amount was $154 million.

Then the attacker transferred money between accounts, forging instructions for conducting transactions, and then converted it into about 3879 BTC (more than $190 million at the time of writing) and transferred it to a cold wallet.

The FBI, in conjunction with the Japanese police, Sony Group Corporation and Citibank, were able to identify the wallet’s private key and seize the assets.

Previously, the FBI was able to access the BTC wallets of DarkSide hackers and return the 63.7 BTC ransom that Colonial Pipeline paid.

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