Fake Trezor App Stole $1.6 Million In Crypto From User

The fake app was placed on the App Store, and users didn’t notice anything strange about it. It looked like a Trezor app for their hardware wallet. Their victim got all his Bitcoins gone as he filled in his data on the app.

He calls out the Apple company for this and claims they should have taken care of their users’ safety better. But it’s not as simple as it looks like. The developers of fishing services may trick the companies by applying the seemingly innocent apps and adding extra functions later.

Coinfirm company reports that there are at least five more victims of this fake app. It’s unavailable anymore, but during the entire period when it was it could have been downloaded 1,000 times. Apple doesn’t share any information about this case. Recently there was another similar software found in Google Play.

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