Experts Have Different Opinions About Achieving Diversity in Blockchain Space

An Australian Blockchain Meeting was held on April 21st, and together with other topics the experts discussed the diversity in blockchain. Women are underrepresented in blockchain at the moment but the experts seek solutions to change this. However, it turned out that different experts see this differently. 

Rupert Colchester, the Lead Client Partner for IBM believes that the working teams should be built diverse from their very beginning with a ratio of 50/50 male and female employees. Sue Kaye, the CEO of Queensland AI Hub & Chair of Robotics Australia, believes the interventionist approach is required because teams that already function will still lead to a dominance of white male representatives in the industry. 

Ellie Rennie, a Professor at RMIT University, suggests that the attention should be paid no to forcing quotas but to developing DeFi and NFT sectors that involve more different people interested in other things than the tech part solely. Karen Cohen, the Director of Blockconsulting Group and the head of Melbourne’s Women in Blockchain, believes that quotas are only one tool in the range of needed instruments to increase diversity, and the top priority should be proper education, sponsorship and training.

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