Evmos Will Restart the Mainnet to Interact with Ethereum and Cosmos

The main network of the EVM-compatible Evmos protocol, which allows transactions between Ethereum and Cosmos, will soon be restarted, according to CoinDesk.

In March, the launch of Evmos failed due to a number of technical problems. According to Evmos founder Frederiko Kunze Küllmer, the launch was first prevented by several user interaction bugs, and then a bug in the code that prevented the creation of liquidity pools on Osmosis and many other bugs were discovered.

Frederiko Kunze Küllmer assured that the development team was able to solve some problems and is ready for a new launch, continuing to refine the code. And, although the date has not yet been set, the former director of Tendermint Labs, Zaki Manian, is confident that this will happen in the coming days.

The question remains unclear, which is actively discussed by the community, whether the restart will be “from scratch” or the history of the blockchain will be resumed from block #58 700. The protocol team is also evaluating the legal obligations to holders of EVMOS tokens. According to Kunze Küllmer, there is a risk that current traders will end up with a worthless asset.

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