Evmos Restarted Mainnet

The main network of the EVM-compatible Evmos protocol, which allows transactions between Ethereum and Cosmos, has been restarted.

According to the Evmos team on Discord, the Evmos mainnet is up and running and producing new blocks. But the team also asked users to wait for the network to be stable and for browsers and dashboards to be 100% efficient.

Evmos is based on the standardized Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) interoperability protocol, which is responsible for the transfer of tokens and other data in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Evmos also contains a module focused on ERC-20 tokens allowing other projects to integrate the networks of the Cosmos ecosystem. Developers can create smart contracts on Evmos that interact with applications connected to IBC.

The initial launch of Evmos took place in March 2022, but the project ran into problems due to a large number of necessary integrations. The developers of IBC also reported a bug in the code that prevented the creation of liquidity pools in Osmosis.

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