Every Fifth Australian Believes Bitcoin Investment Is Safer Than Traditional One

Every fifth Australian believes that Bitcoin investment will help them to buy a house of their dreams. According to Cointelegraph, Kraken Bitcoin exchange figured this out as the result of their research. Almost a quarter of the respondents don’t trust the traditional investment options anymore. 

40% Australians aged 25-40 believe that investment in crypto assets makes a good alternative to buying a property for storing their money. Every fifth Australian used to buy cryptocurrency, and every seventh holds it now. However, baby boomers don’t share their excitement. Half of them don’t trust the volatility of the digital assets and wouldn’t risk their money.

85% of those who hold cryptocurrency want to buy more. Last year only 20% of the Australian population invested in cryptocurrencies. As property is still not affordable for most of the young Australians, many of them seek alternative ways to get that money and consider crypto investing as one of the options.

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