Ethereum’s Scalability Will Be Greatly Improved In 2022 – Coinbase’s CPO

Coinbase Chief Product Officer Surojit Chatterjee foresees significant gains in scaling the Ethereum network in his 2022 forecast.

According to Chatterjee, Ethereum will be at the forefront of Web3 and the crypto-economy as the network scales, but L1 alternatives will also receive support. New L1 networks targeting games and social media will also be created.

He added that Ethereum’s scalability will be improved significantly with updates to bridges between L1 and L2 in speed and usability.

Chatterjee highlighted ZK-rollups, stating that zero-knowledge scaling bundles transaction data into packages for more efficient processing at Ethereum Level 1, thereby capturing the attention of both investors and users.

He is also confident there will be more privacy-focused apps in 2022, but that could trigger an increase in regulatory scrutiny.

Earlier, the Research company Arcane Research made a forecast for 2022 for the cryptocurrency market, in which it considered possible changes in cryptocurrency prices, regulation rules, Bitcoin hashrate levels and much more.

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