Ethereum vs Bitcoin: the head of the Overline project named the main advantage of Ether

Co-founder of Guggenheim Partners and the head of the Overline blockchain project Todd Morley stated the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, Ethereum, has become much more useful than bitcoin due to the presence of smart contracts.

Morley also noted that another distinguishing feature of Ethereum is the growth in the number of developers. According to him, their number has been increasing for six years in a row.

The head of the blockchain project Overline also noted that current price fluctuations are common in a young market.

Overline (formerly Block Collider) is a protocol designed to drive innovation by connecting blockchain technologies with liquidity and interoperability. Like Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin, Overline is a cryptocurrency that uses the hash power of mining from machines around the world to create “blockchains” or multi-chains.

The project, together with development company JDS, plans to build a “blockchain tower” in New York that will become “the world’s largest physics museum of NFT’s”.

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