Ethereum Hits An All-Time High Market Cap

The first cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin hit its record market capitalization. It added 10% today and another price record of $4,350 together with an all-time high cap of $500 billions. Only Bitcoin ever had more.

Ethereum shows a stable growth from the beginning of the year. No wonder – being actively used in the DeFi space, it has a high demand and institutional investors are interested in it as well. Its top stakeholders were very active this week, performing over 6,300 Ethereum transactions of more than $100,000 worth.

Meanwhile, the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, becomes one of the youngest crypto billionaires due to the recent surge of ETH. As it happened, whales became active in the network, and the investment products by Ethereum received $60 millions inflow last week.

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