Ethan Allen Changed Its Ticker to ETD on NYSE to Avoid Being Confused for Ethereum

Home decor and furniture retailer Ethan Allen announced on August 4 that it has changed its ticker on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) from ETH to ETD to avoid confusion with Ethereum. The firm said it added the letter “D” to reflect the design and also to make it easier to search for keywords on the Internet.

“We believe this change will allow better differentiation of Ethereum news from Ethereum news in search results, as Ethereum is often abbreviated to ETH,” the company noted.

A home goods manufacturer and the retail chain was founded in 1932. According to The Wall Street Journal in May, the interior design firm’s shares sparked a surge of interest from misguided retail investors who thought they were buying Ethereum.

According to Yahoo Finance, the NYSE version of ETH was priced at $20 earlier this year, and by May 7, it was up more than 50% to $32. Since then, the price has dropped to around $23 at the time of writing.

By the way, on August 5, on the Ethereum mainnet at block #12,965,000, the London hard fork was launched. Within it, five main proposals for improving the network were implemented.

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