Enjin Formed a Partnership With the Company That Provides Physically Backed NFTs

A new partner of Enjjin is an ecosystem called Uniqly. They provide the unique bridge between nonfungible tokens and the objects from the real world, providing physically backed NFTs. Most of the NFT pieces are digital art that doesn’t exist in the real world but Uniqly is here to change it.

They want to make it real by placing them on merch items such as T-shirts and hats or even 3D-printing them. Uniqly offer the option of exchanging the NFTs on the real material things turning them into something you can touch.

Their partnership means that Uniqly will use the Efinity network. Enjin will provide them with the technical assistance to make the transactions fast and seamless. Their collection is live, and their tokens can be exchanged on the T-shirts, each with unique design. Each item comes with the QR code that links to an Etherscan page.

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