Eminem Entered the NFT Space With Three Products at a Time

The legend of rap music, Eminem, joined the NFT space with three products at once. He was inspired to do it by a parody of Saturday Night Live show featuring the character from his video “Without Me”. Pete Davidson entered the scene dressed in the recognizable costume from the video and replaced the original rhymes by the text about NFT and cryptocurrency. 

All the NFTs by Eminem are animated. Two of them are released in the amount of 50 copies, and one is the most expensive because it has no copies at all. It’s called “Stan’s Revenge” referring to the character of Eminem’s hit “Stan” about the rapper’s fan that was obsessed with him.

Rap stars keep entering the NFT ecosystem. Recently Soulja Boy and Snoop Dogg released their NFTs, and other music celebrities work on it too, trying to stay tuned with the latest financial technologies. 

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