Elon Musk Strikes Bitcoin By His Tweet Again

Elon Musk doesn’t stop hitting Bitcoin down. After today’s tweet with a broken heart emoji near the hashtag ‘Bitcoin’, the first world’s cryptocurrency went down to $36,000 again. No one actually knows what it means but there are assumptions that it may mean he is breaking up with Bitcoin. 

The crypto community went wild again. Many users responded by defending Bitcoin in order to stop its downfall. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, even offered to buy Elon Musk’s Bitcoins if he is going to sell them. Others blamed him for ruining the market intentionally.

Some believe Musk is just having fun because he can do it without any legal consequences for himself and wouldn’t do it with Tesla. He tried to fix things by posting another tweet with the words of support for Bitcoin but it didn’t help. Bitcoin holders hate him because his influence is this strong but Vitalik Buterin assumes that he won’t be as powerful forever.

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