Elon Musk Laughed at the Information About SEC Investigating His Tweets

As Tesla’s general director Elon Musk discovered the SEC’s interest in his tweets and the correlation of Dogecoin’s growth with them, he reacted in his very own manner. He found rather amusing the fact they are serious about “dog memes written by memer about a meme coin’, as one of the users tweeted, and clapped back with the statement that he wished it was true.

Musk indeed mentioned Dogecoin in his tweets a lot. He told the audience he recently bought it for his son, and proposed big Dogecoin holders to free their wallets. He is sure that the problem of this crypto is a focus on a small amount of wallets. His tweets about the coin resulted in its skyrocketing. In late January, they caused it to add 1115% in value. Today Dogecoin trades for $0.05.

Musk is very vocal about his negative attitude towards the SEC. Mockingly, he decrypts this abbreviation as “Shortseller Enrichment Commission”. The first conflict between Musk and SEC happened back in 2018, when he tweeted about his intention to buy out Tesla’s stocks from the stock exchange for $420 per stock.

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