Elon Musk Is Officially a Technoking Now

No one could doubt that Musk deserves this title, but no one could think he will be that serious about it. Forget the boring CEO and CFO! Now Elon Musk’s official title is Technoking of Tesla, and the company’s CFO Zach Kirkhorn obtained the proud name of Master of the Coin. 

Their new titles are relevant starting from today. They were even filed into a form 8-K with SEC, where it is stated that the old boring titles are retained by their owners. People wonder why they did it and what hides behind this weird change of the titles but the answer is obvious – because they can!

It is the best celebration of Tesla returning their big money that was lost due to the decline both in the prices of Bitcoin and Tesla’s stocks. This made Musk also lose the title of the world’s richest man. Fortunately, both climbed back and Musk and company are on top again. Well, at least the title of Technoking isn’t that easy to lose.

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