Elon Musk Changed His Mind and Declined a $1 Million Offer

Elon Musk, known as an enthusiast for any new technologies, doesn’t want to sell an NFT song any more. Yesterday he put an NFT song for sale on his Twitter, and it became viral, as Musk’s tweets always do. A song about NFT was listed on the Valuables auction, and the offers proceeded.

Even Beeple himself who recently sold his NFT piece for $69 millions, admitted he is ready to spend them all on Musk’s NFT song. The Technoking agreed to accept the payment in Dogecoins. However, the highest bid on Valuables made $1.121 million. 

Despite the great buzz caused by Musk’s offer, only one day later he decided to drop it off. He can afford it because he has already made around $1 million due to the Bitcoin’s new ATH. He purchased a bunch of Bitcoins last month and benefited from the first cryptocurrency’s price spike. Therefore, he is able to decline the ideas he doesn’t like even if they are profitable.

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