DYdX Users Made Significant Profit After the Airdrop of Its Token

DYdX users have made a lot of money from the exchange’s management token airdrop. In the last two days alone, the DYDX token has gained 85%.

On September 8, all users received DYDX exchange management tokens, the number of which was determined by the historical trading activity of the users on the exchange.

The news of the airdrop sparked a wave of activity among farmers who dreamed of getting the most out of the free tokens.

At the time of writing, DYDX tokens are trading at $21 and have a market capitalization of over $1 billion. Accordingly, many users have made significant profits.

On Twitter, some lucky ones boasted of their token giveaway proceeds.

User Daniel Ku tweeted that his airdrop is now worth $420,000. However, other users, US citizens, did not receive the tokens because of the decision of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

DYdX posted impressive fundamental gains this year, with derivatives trading up 2.583% in the three-month period from June 30th. On September 27, the DEX’s daily margin trading volume surpassed the daily volume of the leading US spot exchange Coinbase for the first time.

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