Donald Trump’s Notorious Tweets Are Now Available As NFTs

The suspension of Donald Trump’s social media accounts happened in January 2021 when he lost the election. This scandalous event led to the series of protests arranged by his supporters. His official accounts were suspended in multiple social networks but his Twitter became notorious because of his rather emotional posts.

But the internet remembers everything, and now all 46,694 Trump’s tweets are available as NFTs on The association of students archived all his tweets for 12 years and now sells them to finance all the organizations he hated the most. The price of each starts from 0.0232 ETHs.

The organizations that will be financed based on this sales include medical, environmental and social associations. It wasn’t the first appearance of his persona in an NFT space. Back in February, an NFT art that featured Trump created by Michael Winkelman, was sold for $6.6 millions.

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