Dogecoin’s Co-Founder Sold A Doge-Themed NFT collection

Billy Markus, a co-founder of the famous memetic cryptocurrency that turned to appear a no joke digital asset, recently sold an entire NFT collection related to Dogecoin. An animation featuring the twisting coin with the Doge’s face and letter D were sold from the Rariable marketplace.

Markus calls these nonfungible tokens a version of the actual Dogecoin with limited emission. He subdivided them into three categories according to their amount and rarity from 420 to one unique token that was sold for 1,5 ETH.

However, Markus himself quitted the Dogecoin project back in 2015. He sold all his sharings in Dogecoins that overall were of a used Honda Civic worth. Just for comparison, Vitalik Buterin bought $25,000 worth of Dogecoins a year later and made $4 millions from them. 

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