Doge NFT Meme Worth $4 Million To Be Crushed And Sold At Auction

DOGE meme owner Atsuko Sato sold Doge NFT on June 12 for 1,696.9 Ether ($4 million) to an art-oriented decentralized autonomous organization, PleasrDAO. And now, on September 1 at 5:00 pm UTC, PleasrDAO will auction Doge NFT “fragments”.

The original token will be fractionalized to 16,969,696,969 ERC-20 tokens called “$ DOG”.

According to PleasrDAO, 20% of the total amount of DOG tokens will be available for purchase initially. The sale will be conducted on the open source smart contract platform, Miso.

Once launched, “$ DOG” will be available for trading on or through the Uniswap and SushiSwap exchanges. The idea behind $ DOG is that the price will go up as the value of the original Doge NFT rises.

$ DOG holders will even be able to vote on what they think the original NFT should be rated for, which will be auctioned again by the PleasrDAO community in the future.

“We guarantee that Doge NFT will not be auctioned until we feel that $ DOG has reached full speed of memes-freeing and joins in with a strong, thriving community,” the blog post said.

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