DOGE Becomes 8th Most Capitalized Cryptocurrency

Dogecoin added 63% to its price within the last 24 hours, this time without any visible pump in social media. According to the Coinmarketcap, now it’s the 8th most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world. It managed to overtake Uniswap and Litecoin with its $23.8 billion capitalization.

More businesses include DOGE in their payment options. Recently a popular Miami nightclub announced it will take DOGE as a payment as soon as they reopen. Dallas Mavericks shop’s owner, Marc Cuban, reported that they have already earned over 122,000 DOGE on sales.

Although DOGE is mentioned by Elon Musk in his Twitter quite often, this rally may be a reflection of the general interest in the crypto market. With the two biggest cryptocurrencies hitting new ATHs, the growing demand can’t be denied. 

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