Discord Derails Ethereum and NFT Integration after User’s Backlash

The popular messaging app of the Discord community has ditched the idea of ​​integrating with Ethereum (ETH) -based NFTs due to user backlash.

The backlash from users was sparked by a post on November 9 by Discord CEO Jason Citron, who posted on Twitter a screenshot of the app’s custom settings page with the ETH logo and the ability to connect MetaMask and Wallet Connect digital wallets.

After that, users bombarded the post with thousands of negative comments, and some even threatened to unsubscribe from Nitro.

Opponents of cryptocurrencies even claimed that NFT is a Ponzi scheme, and they also accused this technology of harming the environment due to the amount of energy consumed for mining cryptocurrencies.

On November 11, Citron announced that the new feature will not be implemented, as there are no plans to release it anytime soon.

“At the moment, we are focused on protecting users from spam, fraud and fraud. Web3 has many good ones, but also a lot of problems that we need to work on at our scale. Soon,” he added.

Even though Discord is a widely used application in the crypto community, especially with NFT projects, it looks like the gaming contingent (among others) using the platform doesn’t like cryptocurrency.

A Reddit post on the r/discordapp community on November 9 titled “Please do not support NFT” received more than 7K upvotes.

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