Dfinity Foundation Sues Meta Over Logo

Lawyers for the Swiss non-profit organization, the Dfinity Foundation, behind the Internet Computer Blockchain, have filed a lawsuit against Facebook parent company Meta for trademark infringement over its infinity logo.

Dfinity’s legal team claims that Meta Platforms has applied to register its logo, which uses the well-known mathematical symbol to represent infinity,” in some of the same or similar areas in which Dfinity has already registered its trademark” with the infinity logo.

According to Dfinity, Meta filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in March 2022. In October 2018, the same agency granted registration to Dfinity. Lawyers for Dfinity also stated that the company has been using the infinity symbol on its website since March 2017.

The Dfinity lawsuit was filed not because Meta uses the same infinity symbol in the logo, but rather because of a trademark registration for use in fields offering similar goods and services, including computer software that incorporates blockchain technology.

As lawyers say, Meta and Dfinity use the same marketing channels in the same industries, so consumers are likely to encounter signs through the same channels:

“The similarities between the Meta brand and the Dfinity brand, and the perceived use of the Meta brand in the same space and through the same customer base as Dfinity, will cause consumer confusion.”

According to Dfinity’s lawyers, Meta “deliberately infringed” Dfinity’s rights by filing a logo application with the USPTO. Confusion over similar logos has already resulted in the loss of Dfinity revenue, and may cause “reputational damage” in the future as long as the perceived inconsistency persists.

Dfinity’s legal team has requested compensation in the form of attorneys’ fees based on alleged Meta trademark infringement and “false indication of origin”. In addition, the firm sought damages for potential confusion “regarding the source, provenance, sponsorship, and association” of Meta’s products and services. The blockchain company demanded a jury trial.

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