DEX Soldex uses artificial intelligence to improve trade accessibility

Soldex decentralized exchange is trying to make cryptocurrency trading more accessible and easier through the use of artificial intelligence.

According to the management of the exchange, today, new users need to immediately know about the markets and assets they want to trade, which makes it difficult for them to get started. But Soldex removes these barriers by providing traders with the ability to use AI-powered trading algorithms.

Soldex was built on the Solana blockchain. To remain decentralized, the exchange’s internal infrastructure consists of smart contracts and the use of oracles.

The Soldex team states that users can execute transactions in real-time, make deposits conveniently with their exchange wallets, and make fast swaps. It also allows investors to participate in community governance and stimulate liquidity. The latter means that users can freeze their funds for a certain period and receive interest on investments.

The creators of the exchange claim that emotional trading is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Artificial intelligence helps to eliminate the possibility of the influence of emotions on trading. He can eliminate the feelings and moods of real people and make difficult decisions as they occur.

Soldex’s goal is to use a neural network algorithm to work in any market conditions. The algorithm will be able to analyze market data, make predictions about risks, and buy and sell assets on behalf of the user. As an automated trading suite, it will collect expert data and continue to develop its learning capabilities.

Soldex CEO John Robertson says AI will be so advanced that users will be able to create their trading strategies and market them.

Providing AI trading in a decentralized format can have a huge impact on the way people look at cryptocurrencies. The platform is also completely denied access, so anyone, regardless of location, can provide liquidity, trade, or start betting without a Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement.

Taking a look at its roadmap, users can expect SOLX to be listed on major exchanges, future collaborations with the Solana Foundation, and AI courses from the global academy. This course will help explain Solana and DeFi to anyone new to the technology, introduce them to new knowledge, and help build an influential community.

The platform is in the process of conducting a private sale of 30% of its tokens, which is open to retail and venture capitalists. SOLX would later become publicly available to users, giving them access to control rights, AI bot feeding, and bids. At the moment, the Soldex community has grown and has more than 14 thousand members.

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