David Schwartz Believes Selling Your Crypto Is a Good Idea

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, made a remark about investing in the virtual assets that went viral. He suggests that people who hold their savings in crypto should consider selling a part of them in order to avoid losses. He claims that this is not financial advice.

Schwartz shared this opinion on his Twitter page. Two years ago, he said it’s reasonable to fix the profit when the bull rally is on its peak. Later, he shared his history of a loss due to investing in the new altcoins. He claims he lost $300,000.

Many crypto experts won’t agree with him but he seems to follow this advice himself. Back in October he sold $96 million worth of ETHs according to the relevant rate. Schwartz believes it’s a good strategy to avoid financial risks, especially if you put all your savings in crypto.

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