Cypherpunk Holdings Dumped All Of Its BTC And ETH

The cryptocurrency market is going through hard times. Bitcoin collapsed in price, and after nm, many crypto assets. Against this background, the investment company Cypherpunk Holdings decided to get rid of all its assets in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The company sold 205.8209 ETH and 214.7203 BTC for 293,000 Canadian dollars and just over 6 million Canadian dollars, respectively.

The total proceeds from the sale of crypto assets amounted to 6,378,787 Canadian dollars (nearly $5 million).

Cypherpunk Holdings noted that due to the high risk of a further fall in prices in the cryptocurrency market, the company decided to sell all Bitcoins and Ethereum.

According to company representatives, until conditions in the crypto asset market improve, the money will be kept in cash. However, the company believes in a future bull run for cryptocurrencies and plans to capitalize on investment opportunities when better times come..

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