CryptoPunks creators signed a contract with United Talent Agency

Larva Labs who owns CryptoPunks NFT, Meebits and Autoglyphs, signed a contract with United Talent Agency (UTA).

According to the Hollywood Reporter, UTA will represent Larva Labs on intellectual property (IP) transactions in television, film, video games, licensing and publishing.

Larva Labs’ deal with UTA was one of the first examples of content created in the blockchain sector to enter the mainstream entertainment industry.

Larva Labs OG NFT has total sales of $ 1.18 billion since 2017, according to data from the CryptoPunks website. Last week, it had sales of $ 304.8 million. The cheapest CryptoPunk on sale is currently priced at 115 ETH (about $ 391,000 at the time of posting).

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