Crypto scammers raised $14 billion in 2021 – Chainalysіs

According to the analytical company Chainalysis, attackers targeting the cryptocurrency industry stole $14 billion in 2021.

From scam projects, cybercriminals earned $7.8 billion in cryptocurrencies, increasing their revenues by 82%.

In many ways, the surge in fraud became possible because of the hype around the DeFi segment. Hackers stole about $3.2 billion, which is 516% more than in 2020. Cybercriminals stole 72% of this amount from DeFi protocols, and also often used them for money laundering.

The total volume of cryptocurrency transactions grew up to $15.8 trillion, up 567% over 2020. The company emphasized that in 2021, digital currencies were used legally more often.

And transactions using illegal addresses fell to a record low – they accounted for 0.15% of the total.

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