Crypto gift for Christmas? More People are Interested in Digital Assets

According to a recent survey by the BlockFi landing platform, almost one in ten US residents are ready to give cryptocurrencies as a Christmas present, and one in four are ready to buy them in the new year 2022.

The survey involved 1,262 US residents aged 18 to 65. Among respondents under the age of 25, the percentage of the popularity of digital assets in the answers was twice as high as the average for the sample.

Most of the respondents gave their preference to Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. Only 2% of respondents are interested in NFT, and 15% of respondents plan to purchase such tokens.

A third of those surveyed would rather discuss crypto assets than politics at the festive table.

There are more men than women among those who would like to receive cryptocurrencies as a gift for the Christmas holidays.

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