Colorado May Become the First State to Accept Tax Payments in Bitcoin Soon

Colorado authorities think about starting to accept tax payments in digital currencies. The governor of the state, Jared Polis, is going to discuss this option with the Minister of Finance, as reported by CoinDesk. He positions Colorado as a center of blockchain innovations in all the spheres of people’s activity.

This state didn’t become the first to come out with such an initiative. Arizona and Illinois also tried to implement the innovation but it wasn’t supported by the local lawmakers. Ohio even managed to implement it successfully but had to stop accepting the crypto payments because they weren’t popular among the taxpayers.

However, digital assets slowly crawl into the daily routine of USA residents. Paying the utility bills with Bitcoins is already available in Williston, North Dakota. The IRS also noted that they consider the withdrawal of the tax debts in digital currency. Step by step the USA moves towards the adoption of the new financial trend.

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