Coinseed Customers Are Shocked by Conversion of Their Assets into Dogecoin

The customers of crypto storage service Coinseed are shocked, because the company converted their assets into Dogecoin without asking them. Moreover, they can’t contact them and withdraw their assets. They created a subreddit where they share the information between each other and coordinate.

Dogecoin lost 30% of its value, and all they can do is to watch their money disappear. People also coordinate on Facebook to apply a complaint against Coinseed. More than 50 users are going to participate in this.

This won’t be the first Coinseed’s problem with law. Back in February the U.S.SEC and the Attorney General of New York accused them in scamming the investors to buy a useless token. They are also accused of spreading false information about their experience. Their app was removed from App Store and Google Play and their social media are inactive anymore.

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