CoinGecko Created a Limited NFT Collection Devoted to Forklog Online Conference

The analytic team CoinGecko released an NFT collection devoted to the Forklog’s online conference “NFT fever: tokenization of art”. This collection is limited edition – there are only 1,000 pieces featuring the mascot of CoinGecko, a gecko, in a Russian traditional costume. These NFTs were created to reward the registered users of the service.

The NFTs can’t be purchased – users receive them for visiting the website regularly. They can be found with the help of CoinGecko Candy service in their store of rewards. A user needs to collect a certain amount of bonus points to get it. 

CoinGecko became a media partner for the conference, this is why together with Forklog created this collection. The analysts also created a platform NFT Spotlight to connect the authors of nonfungible tokens with the crypto community.

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