Coinbase Stocks Are Traded on Nasdaq Now

The stocks of Coinbase were listed on Nasdaq on April, 14th. The trades started from $381. Already in the first minutes after the opening, their price added up to $481. Now the market capitalization of Coinbase makes more than $100 billions. This means it’s the most capitalized exchange in the world at the moment.

The company celebrated their listing by including the heading of the New York Times’ article into Bitcoin’s blockchain. It says “House Gives Final Approval to Biden’s $1.9T Pandemic Relief Bill Mine”and makes a reference to a genesis block. Nasdaq greeted the company by a video with the countdown on a big screen.

Coinbase didn’t forget to reward their full-time workers by presenting 100 stocks to each one of them. It’s even bigger than any company’s grant to Bitcoin developers. The stocks are tokenized and called COIN. They will be available on Binance and FTX in the form of contracts. 

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