Coinbase Is Going to List Dogecoin Despite Their Principles

This year turned out to be good for Coinbase. They reported all-time high revenue of $1.8 billions due to the growing interest of people in all things crypto, and the crypto transaction fees for trades on the platform brought them success and record earnings. A fully regulated platform earned a good reputation in the world of business.

It managed to become a crypto exchange No. 1 in the United States being the first to consider for those country’s residents who want to enter the crypto market. Coinbase is known for being a kind of conservative and listing only serious and reliable time-proven projects. However, they announced that Dogecoin will be listed there in six weeks.

Although Dogecoin is the opposite to what they usually list, being a cryptocurrency with high volatility and voluptuous ups and downs, they decided to give it a chance. It wasn’t feeling well after Elon Musk’s performance on Saturday Night Live but now it climbed 20% back after five days of decline.

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