Coinbase Gives Their Employees an Extra Month of Vacation

The largest American bitcoin exchange Coinbase in 2022 will provide employees with an additional four weeks of vacation to “recharge”.

Due to the growing stress in the company’s work environment, working days and weeks have increased significantly, according to the company. HR Director LJ Brock said in the near future, this intensity will increase with the development of the crypto industry.

That is why the company’s management decided to conduct an experiment, giving employees an additional week of vacation at the end of 2020 and two weeks at the end of 2021. Brock noted that 52% of the Coinbase team were able to fully relax during this time.

Therefore, the company’s management decided to provide employees with a “recharge week” every quarter in addition to their legal leave. During these off weeks, the company will virtually cease operations, except for 24/7 support services.

Brock also added that Coinbase takes a flexible approach to work management, taking care of their employees, allowing them to work in the office, remotely or in a mixed-mode.

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