Codename:KEANU – When Two Ethereum Projects Become One

Keep and NuCypher, two Ethereum protocols that emerged during the ICO boom of 2017-2018, are going to become one DAO conglomerate named after Keanu Reeves. The actor himself has nothing to do with the project; they were inspired by the Matrix movie character and decided to give their collaboration his name.

Codename: KEANU is going to work together but under separate brands, using one blockchain infrastructure. They decided to merge rather than compete, and believe it will be more effective. It’s going to be the first merger of the decentralized networks in the history of the crypto industry.

The two protocols are going to have a token called T. 10% of Ts will be set aside for the DAO. Others will be divided between the holders of both networks’ holders. The launch of the platform is scheduled for August. Their first product will be tBTC v2, a decentralized and affordable Bitcoin version for Ethereum.

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