Children in Georgia Will Learn About Cryptocurrencies

Georgia’s House of Representatives confirmed that a course about virtual currencies will be included into a school program. They already passed the bill for the education officials to implement it. The absolute majority of the lower chamber voted for that on March, 8th. Six Republicans sponsored the bill that was sent to the Senate. There will be 16 areas covered in this program for high school students.

Along with the cryptocurrencies the financial educational course will include investing, balancing a checkbook, tax assessment, loan application and money management. Cryptocurrency will be the last of the positions. In France they were included into the high school curriculum back in 2019. 

The International Women’s Day this year was also marked by education about cryptocurrency due to a video by a three-year old Lily Knight that went viral in the crypto community. Little girl explained Bitcoin and its limited supply using Skittles as an example.

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