Chainlink Launches Data Oracles on Arbitrum One

Arbitrum One users will be able to use Chainlink data oracles. The team also plans to launch Proof of Reserve and Verifiable Random Function at the second level soon.

On August 12, leading oracle data provider Chainlink announced the successful launch of Arbitrum One, a beta version of Ethereum’s tier 2 scaling solution on the mainnet.

The update will allow developers using Arbitrum One to access financial market data directly on the network, providing enhanced functionality for decentralized exchanges, algorithmic stablecoins and other advanced DeFi products on the Arbitrum One network.

Leading DeFi protocols have already expressed their intention to use Chainlink data oracles for their Arbitrum deployments, including Aave, MCDEX, and Tracer DAO.

Chainlink also plans to launch its random number generator on Arbitrum One for games and other applications.

The Chainlink Proof of Reserve service will also be launched on Arbitrum One, allowing auditing of secured assets and calling any web API.

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