Chainlink Gets Closer to a New ATH While Other Altcoins Correct Themselves

Chainlink hits $50, and it is very likely to hit a new all-time high. There is a theory about Chainlink and the altcoin market that suggests it to be somewhat like Bitcoin for them, with their price dynamics following it. Despite this theory, now Chainlink grows but the other altcoins undergo a correction.

The range of factors that determine the price of altcoins is rather wide, and it can’t depend on Chainlink’s dynamics solely. It’s also about the ecosystem of each altcoin and the solutions it brings out into the world of digital finance. Speaking about Chainlink, it’s solutions are unique and are interesting to both crypto companies and other businesses of the digital field.

The oracles offered by Chainlink are necessary to create the bridge between the real world’s object and blockchain. Its recent upgrade, Chainlink 2.0, offers the solutions for challenges of the previous part. This is why despite the correction of the altcoin market, it keeps growing – more and more projects are eager to use what it has to offer.

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