Chainlink and Some Other Low Cap DeFi Projects Are Ready to Go Parabolic

Elliot Wainman, a crypto trader, is sure that Chainlink and some other DeFi oracle projects with low capitalization are ready to start a parabolic growth. He underlined that every time Chainlink grows, it causes the growth of other oracle coins similarly to Bitcoin influencing other altcoins who follow it.

In his new video, he used the Tellor coin (TRB) as an example. However, at the moment this video came out, the price of this coin went downwards again. Wainman also paid attention to Orachain and OptionRoom as to oracle projects that can have a great perspective.

Wainman believes that all low cap oracle projects will grow together with Chainlink, even those that he didn’t mention. For those who are interested in this market, it will be the best indicator to see what will happen there in the nearest future.

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