Chainalysis Noticed That Crypto Investment In India Keeps Growing Despite the Uncertainty of Their Regulators

 The analysts of the Chainalysis team noticed that the amount of crypto investment in India increased this year. According to the data of 2020 it was overall $20 millions, and now it reached $38.8 billions. The growth is significant, and even the regulatory issues in this country don’t stop its citizens from embracing a new investment trend.

The activity of investors escalated in the second half of the year and went parabolic. Now there are 15 million crypto investors in India. It looks impressive compared to the USA and UK, where there are 23 millions and 2.3 million crypto holders respectively. 

The experts believe the increase in activity started when the crypto ban was cancelled back in March 2020. However, the regulators are still uncertain about the industry. This uncertainty doesn’t scare Indians in the age of 18-35, who make up the biggest part of the crypto enthusiasts in this country.

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