CBOE Are Willing to Give Bitcoin a Second Chance

The legendary Chicago Board Options Exchange is ready to bring the Bitcoin-based products back. Two years ago they closed their Bitcoin futures platform but now Ed Tilly, their CEO, plans to get prepared for the engagement with Bitcoins again.

Tilly says that the demand both from retail and institutional investors is so high it can’t be ignored anymore. CBOE wants to be in the space everyone’s interested in. Earlier, they disabled their Bitcoin futures option due to the bear market and Bitcoin sliding down at the level of $4,000.

In December of 2020 CBOE signed an agreement with CoinRoutes to create a product. Also, they tried to create an ETF, and now watch VanEck’s attempts with great interest. VanEck’s ETF is being reviewed by the SEC, and CBOE may wait for results to follow their steps.

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