Cathie Wood Reveals the Ark Invest’s Investment Preferences for This Year

Ark Investment CEO Cathie Wood said during the SALT conference in New York that Bitcoin’s price will grow tenfold over the next five years, and the rise of DeFi, NFT and Eth2 updates have increased the company’s confidence in the reliability and prospects of Ethereum.

Cathie Wood reckons Bitcoin will be worth nearly $500,000 by 2026 as more and more companies are buying Bitcoins. In particular, she highlighted institutional investors who devote more than 5% of their portfolios to buy BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

She also noted that Ethereum is becoming more attractive for investments due to the high activity of developers related to NFT and DeFi.

“I am fascinated by what is happening in DeFi, which is driving down the cost of infrastructure for financial services, and I know the traditional financial industry is not valued much right now,” she said.

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