Cathie Wood Is Still a Bitcoin Bull Despite the Events on the Crypto Market

Cathe Wood, the CEO of Ark Investment and an acknowledged Bitcoin enthusiast, still believes that Bitcoin is able to reach $500,000. She is sure that Elon Musk will embrace Bitcoin again as soon as it switches to ‘green’ energy and will be a part of the ecosystem again.

Ark has presented a new open-source mining model that will allow using natural energy sources. The reaction of Musk was skeptical. He doesn’t believe that the extreme hashrate Bitcoin has now may be achieved from renewable energy and requests the reports about the audited breakdowns of the renewable energy sources from the top mining pools.

Wood believes that the correction of the crypto market will make the U.S. regulators approve Bitcoin ETF faster. She also notes that now it’s a good time to buy Bitcoin despite the market being emotional.  

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