Catalonia Is Going to Have Its Own Metaverse

The Catalan government is working on the creation of a Catalan metaverse called Cataverse.

As reported by Cointelegraph, at the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) 2022, Innovation Minister Daniel Macro said that Cataverse will be in Catalan and based on Catalan culture.

He added that in addition to the metaverse, the government intends to turn Barcelona into a digital hub.

As for the blockchain projects that tourists can interact with in Barcelona, ​​the minister cited a project focused on personal healthcare and several others regarding public transport.

In 2014, Macro led the government’s Smart Catalonia strategy, overseeing an initiative to make Catalonia a “smart country” known on the world stage. And with the advent of blockchain technology and the metaverse, the minister is working to create a fully digital economy based on the real one.

Not only Catalonia is interested in the metaverse. UAE Artificial Intelligence Minister Omar Sultan Al Olama called for the criminalization of “serious crimes” in the metaverse.

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