Carole Baskin Famous From Popular Show ‘Tiger King’ Launches a Token 

We already have Dogecoin but now there’s one more joke of a token on the scene. Carole Baskin, a big cat rescue activist famous from popular TV show “Tiger King” launches a token called CAT (who’d doubt). The token is launched on Rally – a platform where users can create their own Ethereum-based tokens.

Baskin doesn’t call this token an investment tool, rather an instrument for the fans to show their love. However, the holders of CAT will have access to visiting meetings with Baskin, big cat-themes VR game and an NFT collection that is coming soon.

This is not the first step of Carole Baskin into the crypto field. She didn’t hide her interest in digital finance, and though she demonstrated a little lack of understanding how it works, she used to collect donations in cryptocurrency last year. Let’s see how her rival, Joe Exotic, would react to this bold move into the innovative technology.

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